Otok na Blejskem jezeru



Visit National Triglav park

Bled: Climb to Bled castle where you will get a beautiful view of the lake with the island and Julian Alps in the background. 

Kranjska Gora: Visit Gozd Martuljek, from that point you will have a mesmerizing view of Špik, a 2472 metres high

mountain, located in the heart of the Martuljek group of mountains. 

Bovec: Head to the Boka waterfall, which is said to be the most powerful Slovenian waterfall (although not the largest.)

Kobarid: If you are interested in history, visit the ossuary above Kobarid, where World War 1 soldiers are buried. 

Bohinj: For the end of the trip, treat yourself to a refreshment in Lake Bohinj.


Kamniško-Savinjske Alps

Jezersko: It is a real point of contact with uspoiled nature. In Zgornje Jezersko is Planšarsko lake, which will fill you with positive energy for the 

whole day.

Logarska dolina: It is one of the most beautiful Slovenian valleys. Visit the Rinka hut and waterfall. 

Solčava: If you drive from Solčava towards Luče, you will see a mighty rocky obelisk called Igla (needle). Ajdovska deklica is supposed to put him there - you know the legend, don't you?

Gornji Grad: The landmark of the area is the Cathedral of St. Mohor and Fortunato, the largest in Slovenia in terms of volume, but also has the tallest dome. 


Central Slovenia

Ljubljana: Why not start the journey in the capital? Take a walk along Čopova Street, drink coffee and you are ready for a full day trip. Visit the Ljubljana Castel.

Škofja Loka: The next stop should be the most beautiful medevial town. Climb the castle and stroll through the medieval town center.

Kamnik: This town is also known for its small but beautiful town center. And good food, as evidenced by the local beer and flavors festival. Treat yourself to a snack and move on.

Slivna: In the village is the geometric center of Slovenia or the point that marks the center of our country.

Litija: We have all heard of Bogenšperk Castle. It is located near Litija, in Šmartno pri Litiji. The Reinessance castle has been beautifully restored and due to its history is one of the most important cultural monumenst in Slovenia.


Dolenjska and Bela krajina

Olimje: Start the trip sweetly: visit a nearby chocolate shop and treat yourself for the trip.

Novo mesto: Stroll around town, have a coffee in the center and indulge in a little shopping.

Otočec: Visit Otočec Castle on an islet in the middle of the Krka River.

Sevnica: Climb to Sevnica Castle, from where you will get a beautiful view of the city and the Sava River.


Štajerska and Koroška

Maribor: The first stop should be the second largest city in Slovenia. Stop at the Main Square.

Ptuj: Head to Ptujska gora and see one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Slovenia.

Velenje: The city of socialism, they say. Stop at Tito Square, sweeten yourself with Lucifer chocolate and visit Velenje Castle.

Dravograd: Stop at the cofluence of the river Mislinja and the Drava.

Vuzenica: See the ruins of Pistrov Castle, where today there are modest remaind of walls. Above the cliff, only the Reinessance defense tower is partially preserved.



Veržej: When you are in these places, you can't go without visiting the mill on the Mura - Babič's mill.

Grad: Visit one of the largest castle complexes in Slovenia - above the settlement of Grad na Goričkem.

Selo: Church of St. Nikolaj will definitely enchant you.

Bukovnica: Treat yourself to complete relaxation by Lake Bukovnik.

Lendava: Here is one of the most fortifies castles from the period of urkish decline. The view of it is beautiful from afar.


Authentic Slovenian villages in the Kozjansko region

Moravče: The focus of this trip should be smaller Slovenian places, so rather than in Domžale, start the trip in the nearby town Moravče.

Kandrše: A winding road will take you here, so take a short break here and take some nice pictures.

Izlake: Maybe just a stop on the way, maybe the final stop; here is the Media Spa, where you can indulge in a day of pampering.

Rimske Toplice: The place is alsocalled the place of health. Even if you do not decide to visit the spa, take a walk around a quiet place.

Jurklošter: A special attraction of Jurklošter is the former monastery and the monastery, now the parish church.

Planina pri Sevnici: A place rich in vineyards and rich forest, and therefore excellent as a final stop.


Zasavje Castles

Mirna: Do you know why Mirna Castle is also called "sleeping beauty"?

Kostanjevica on Krka: Visit "Dolenjska Venice" and see if the place deserves such a name.

Brestanica: Visit the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Vojsko: Go a little higher and visit Podsreda Castle, which enchants with its medieval image.

Celje: Stop in the city that was the residence of the Counts of celje in the 14th and 15th centuries.


Unkown villages under the Karst edge

Kozina: Start your journey in Kozina, where you can visit one od the caves: the Matarski Podolj cave or the Dimnica cave.

Slavnik: This peak reaches up to 1028 metres and is the highest peak in Slovenian Istria. It is known for its magnificent views and can be climbed along a 12 kilometer macadam path.

Podgorje and Praproče: Go down to this place from the hut on Slavnik. You will arrive in a beautiful village with Karst-Istrian architecture.

Podpeč: From here there is a beautiful view of the Črnokalj viaduct, but you can climb to the defensive tower, which stands above the village.

Hrastovlje: Visit the villlage known for its old fortress, which in the past protected the locals from the decline of the Uskoks and Turks.

Črni Kal: At the end of the trail, some motorcycling pleasures at Črni kal.


Bon voyage!